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Dawn Wray 

Gestalt Psychotherapist - Nottingham

Hi, I'm Dawn, and I am a Nottingham/Lincoln based UKCP Gestalt Psychotherapist. I am currently able to offer individual therapy/counselling face to face as well as online to adults aged over 18. I can offer short term therapy (6-8 weeks) or work longer term.

Nottingham Therapy & Counselling

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching

At the heart of my therapy is my belief that our experience of the world is unique. Feelings and emotions can be difficult, and for us to be accepted, feel heard, and experienced just as we are right now, even when this is a painful or difficult place, can be a gift.  


I believe that we are so much more than our minds, and so a relational gestalt therapy approach will work holistically with body, soul, mind, and in relating with each other we can begin to work through what has brought you to counselling/therapy.

If you would like to know more about Gestalt Psychotherapy and counselling please get in touch.


About Me.

I started training with SCPTI in 2018, when I left my employment of 14 years with a sense of movement, something needing to change. After 1 year of training, I was clear that my future career was in psychotherapy and counselling. I am passionate about Relational Gestalt Therapy because it's principals and ethos are a homecoming for how, out of my awareness, I came to realise I was thinking and feeling about the world. Everything is connected. We are connected; to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world around us.

I think of Relational Gestalt Therapy and Counselling as a dynamic and vibrant therapy which considers the ‘whole’ of the self; mind, body and spirit by exploring current, here and now lived experience. We are in relationship and do not exist without ‘other’. How and who we are is shaped by our relationships with others and with our world.


I am also a Mum of 2 school aged children who are constant wise and vibrant source of vitality.

I am based in Lincolnshire and on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and am able to see clients at my home or online as needed.


Contact Me

The Old Tavern, Bakers Lane, Westborough, NG23 5HL

Tel: 07484 221814

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